Ned _logo72Natural Energy Designs Inc. was founded in 2004 by Geoff Clarke and Carla Zezula out of a passion to build green, sustainable homes that are affordable. We are also a sustainable consulting firm specializing in new building and custom remodels using the most appropriate and cost efficient technologies for your site and home. We are based in South Lake Tahoe and hold a California contracting license. We are committed to the “whole site” approach integrating energy efficiency, affordability and resource conservation in all phases of design and construction. Our homes are affordable, green and sustainable, beautiful, healthy and harmonious. We will work with you through the entire process using licensed professionals. We are committed to educating all on the inherent benefits and long-term advantages of green, sustainable homes.

Custom Sustainable Homes

Natural Energy Designs Inc. can build using a variety of materials. We have built houses using strawbale, cob, insulated concrete forms, traditional lumber, recycled materials and other natural materials. We believe in using materials that are locally sourced if possible. We will help in the design phase to utilize the natural resources available. We promote the use of super-insulation, which helps save massive amounts of energy. If you combine this with passive solar heat, you can reduce your heating needs by as much as 75%. We also recommend thermal solar panels for hot water and/or hydronic heat.HerneHouseHerne


We remodel existing houses utilizing sustainable and green practices. NED believes that a remodel should increase the energy efficiency, comfort and resale value of a house. Our focus on remodeling a structure includes: improve insulation, improve heating and cooling systems, remove interior pollutants and improve indoor air quality.


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